Villein control panel worksheet

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The worksheet found in the Gas Station.

The Villein control panel worksheet is a document found in Obduction. There are two copies: the first, found in the Gas Station, has not been filled in at all, while the second is found in the Tower and has two Villein numbers filled in. It describes the control panels constructed by the Villein to help other species use their technology.

Contents[edit | edit source]


Multipurpose Villein Control Panel Interface

This is the control panel that the Villeins have supplied for our use. Although they are able to control their systems via vocalizations, they have provided these control panels for other species to have limited access and control. If you have trouble, please find Noah for help.


- the Villein numbering system is base 4

- drag from one blob to another to form the Villein digits

- drag between blobs to disconnect

- the standard panel has 5 digits, but single digit panels are also used

- use only first digit to simulate a 1-digit panel (0-3)

- all panels will auto-correct for invalid entries