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Update 1.8.0 was an update released for Obduction on August 2, 2019. It updated the non-PS4 versions with content that was previously exclusive to the PS4 version.

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

New to Obduction:

UE4 upgrade to 4.21.2

  • New saved game path location for Mac users - this change is being handled by the UE4 engine and not Apple's macOS (*see additional notes below). Save games and config files are now stored in: library/applicationsupport/epic/obduction
  • Performance improvements
  • VR Improvements:
  • Ability to backstep while using VR teleport
  • Index and Index Controller support added
  • Windows Mixed Reality (via SteamVR) support added
  • Turkish [fan] localization added

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

In some circumstances the game may require a restart in order to apply graphics quality settings changes. e.g. If you have ‘Low’ settings applied at launch and change them to ‘Epic’ the game will require a restart in order to apply the changes

When using a SteamVR device (Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, etc) the first time a user enters the minecart they may find themselves facing backwards. We’ve attempted a fix for it, but it caused more problems than it solved. User should be able to turn in the minecart and face forward with no issues.

Windows Mixed Reality headsets: A crash can occur if the headset is unplugged, fully powered off, etc. during gameplay Under some conditions with certain WMR headsets, the laser pointer will not take effect on the main menu, forcing the user to point with the headset and select the menu entry with the main button on the wand. Once in game, the input will correct itself.

Ambient occlusion differences in each eye visible in some areas: Under some conditions, a difference in shadows and lighting can be noticed in each eye in some VR headsets.

Mac OS Catalina (beta) may exhibit unusually long pauses and stuttering video playback.

  • MacOS Users: Due to changes in how and where save files are written to disk, once the game has been run after receiving the update, your save files will no longer be available in an older release. Users who choose to roll back to the previous release will need to manually move the files back to the original save location. Your original save file location can differ between two locations depending on OS release and when the directory was created: ~/Library/Containers/com.cyan.obduction/Data/Library/Application Support/Epic/Obduction/Saved/SaveGames


~/Library/Application Support/Epic/Obduction/SaveGames

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