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Update 1.6.0 was an update released for Obduction on 23 October 2017. It was first released as a beta on 19 October 2017. One unannounced change was the relocation of the toy fire engine from the ground to the top of a rock.

Official Notes[edit | edit source]

Hey everyone, we’ve been working really hard on Obduction. As an indie shop, we have a small, but amazing team - and they’ve been pushing very hard to make Obduction better and better. We hope you like what we’ve cleaned up. This update focuses primarily on stability and engine updates, but you’ll also find lots of little tuning and polishing. And just so you know, the next update will fix a few of the known issues below, and it will be coming very quickly - we promise! And we still have more performance specific updates coming, along with some surprises down the road. So… enjoy this update, stayed tuned, and thanks so much for the support.

Known Behaviors

Hitching: Loading times are improved in this update and we have partially addressed hitching in the game. There are still a few areas that hitching can be seen and we are continuing to work on these areas for a future update.

Known Issues

Vive HMD sometimes won’t start in VR: A fix for this will be in hotfix 1.6.2 - which will be up in Public Preview very soon - like within a day or two. The current work-around is to start the game in Desktop (2D) mode and then put on the headset while at the Main menu.

Free-movement in Vive: This issue will be fixed in hotfix 1.6.3 - which will also be coming very soon. Partial Free movement is possible if you have an Xbox one controller. To initiate movement, disable the Vive controllers (plug into charger) and plug in the Xbox controller.

Side-effects when using this workaround for Free movement on the Vive:

  • The lighthouses scan since a Vive controller is not visible
  • Xbox controller won’t work if at least one Vive controller is active
  • The camera reset button is not mapped as it is listed in the Settings menu
  • The reticle is not always present

Change in HDR feature: Due to changes in how Microsoft supports HDR in Windows 10, the in-game HDR option has been removed. Workaround: For supported nVidia graphics cards, turn ‘on” the HDR option under Windows Settings > System > Display. For AMD graphics cards, due to current engine support, washed out visuals will be noticed with HDR. Please temporarily disable the HDR option within windows while playing with an AMD graphics card.

Temporarily Disabled Features

Nvidia VRWorks: nVidia VRWorks and related features have been disabled. This is due to an issue that is beyond our control at this time. While VR will continue to function as well, or better than before, the following options have been removed: Single Pass Stereo, Multi-res rendering, Multi-GPU, and Lens-Matched Shading. We are continuing to work closely with nVidia to get these issues resolved and returned as soon as possible.


Unreal Engine updated to 4.15.3


  • Lightmap data size on disk dramatically reduced
  • Game-wide Texture resolution optimizations
  • Better-tuned scalability settings
  • Arai creature optimized to reduce hitching
  • CW updated to use less resources
  • Book system optimized to reduce hitching
  • Loading screens now display progress
  • Level streaming optimizations
  • Startup videos added
  • UI navigation fixes

VR Features & Fixes

  • VR support no longer requires VR command line flags
  • Wearing or removing VR headset will enable or disable VR automagically
  • New and improved hand models for VR motion controllers
  • Fixed teleport position issue when attempting to teleport to an invalid location first
  • Fix for threading issue that could occur if motion controllers disconnect
  • License plates have been enlarged in VR mode for better readability
  • VR controller interface updated to support various motion controllers
  • Teleport indicator provides a better sense of depth
  • Subtitles improved to reduce penetration with other objects in the scene
  • Interaction with in game devices improved for motion controllers
  • Better Vive support
  • Player height fixes
  • Added support for stereo capture cameras to clean up portals
  • Show tracking sensors (if controller connection lost) to help players reorient

Media Player Features & Fixes

  • New media player framework
  • Increased stability of media player
  • Movies now loaded only when needed
  • Increased trigger area for Farley’s message in Maray
  • Fixed issue with imagers still playing audio & video when disabled
  • Removed test movies that are no longer needed

Razer Chroma Updates

  • Updated Chroma to support new hardware, including Chroma Link.
  • “Breathe” animation deprecated by Razer - ambient world color is now static gradient

Audio Features & Fixes

  • Ensure arai swarm audio components do not auto-activate
  • Don’t use Oculus Rift audio device for startup movies if Rift isn’t connected
  • Fix for a threading issue when ambient sounds are removed
  • Subtitle loading is now asynchronous
  • Music player music loading is now asynchronous
  • Music and dialogue can be marked to play when volume is all the way down
  • Fixed audio hitching on devices that put resources on the game thread


  • All [Simplified] Chinese texts have been reviewed for accuracy and are now complete
  • Any menu terms that were not localized are now complete
  • Minor corrections made to the Portuguese language
  • Overlapping menu texts have been fixed
  • Cut-off menu texts have been fixed
  • Missing menu texts for localized languages have been added[1]

References[edit | edit source]