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Update 1.5.2 was an update released for Obduction on 11 April 2017.

Official Notes[edit | edit source]

The patches keep coming. This one fixes a few things in the touch/hand control release. And we’re working on more fixes and optimizations in our next update - 1.6.0. Stay tuned.



  • Small tweaks for some objects that appeared incorrect in VR
  • More fixes for the shovel bucket. Buckets of fun!


  • Adjusted collision issues on the <spoiler> elevator
  • Player can no longer stand on top of puzzle rotation pedestal


  • Small tweaks for lighting in some areas


  • Kaptar swing bridge should no longer allow you to fall or teleport off the end under some conditions
  • Small tweaks to odd collision boundaries in Kaptar
  • <Spoiler> video near the start of Maray should play correctly again
  • Some small fixes for CW's smaller videos not always playing in correct order


  • Teleport mode will now act correctly when moving through the Hunrath/Kaptar portals
  • Teleport mode should allow you to properly move through the Soria hub doorway
  • Player should no longer be able to teleport from scrapyard to the Kaptar sphere using teleport mode in Hunrath
  • Player can no longer get caught on collision using teleport mode while riding the elevator in Kaptar
  • Fixes for teleport mode arrow when moving through domes
  • Fixes for UI scaling in Oculus rift
  • Fix for an odd crash when using motion controllers
  • <spoiler> video should play near <spoiler> ride in Maray correctly now
  • Player should no longer be able to fall from Mayor's elevator in Hunrath
  • Cleaned up some collision issues in and around CW's workshop
  • Players should no longer be able to lean through the dome wall in Kaptar
  • Generic tweaks and fixes for teleport mode


  • Added final Dutch menu update for Oculus Touch and VIVE controllers[1]

References[edit | edit source]