Update 1.5.0

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Update 1.5.0 was an update released for Obduction on 22 March 2017.

Official Notes[edit | edit source]

We’ve added hand controls in this feature-rich update — along with lots of clean-up and tuning. (Players who have already purchased Obduction for PC or Rift will receive Vive and Rift hand control support with this update.)


  • Various art fixes and tweaks throughout Kaptar
  • Small LOD fixes in hunrath


  • Improvements to loading/streaming
  • Many fixes and improvements to the gamma adjustment option
  • Fix for game continuously minimizing after starting the game a second time


  • Obduction - Localization - Fix for "BACK" translation not being entirely in uppercase in Polish and Portuguese.
  • Many localization changes for the new menu entries

Known issues:

  • Missing localized new menu terms for Spanish, Polish, and Dutch
  • Overlapping localized terms in some controller screens
  • MRS toggle is greyed out
  • Sounds of footsteps when teleporting are missing
  • Active Dome sound missing in teleportation mode
  • Lever guides in Kaptar are misbehaving again
  • Coupler mechanism in Kaptar can't be engaged using VR motion controller in Free movement
  • Kaptar rotating bridge lock hard to interact with using VR motion controllers
  • Color corruption can occur on the waterfall in Hunrath with all AMD GPUs[1]

References[edit | edit source]