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Update 1.4.2 was an update released for Obduction on 8 February 2017.

Official Notes[edit | edit source]

Hey everyone!

We have quite a few fixes and updates in this release, it also includes brand new community made translations for previously unsupported languages: Portuguese and Dutch.

Fixes and changes:


  • Fix for some build types crashing when loading a level with ambient sounds in the world.


  • Various tweaks and improvements throughout Hunrath
  • Various tweaks and improvements throughout Kaptar
  • Bad collision area on the Hunrath Maray sphere.
  • Fixed a shading pop on the mine cart when crossing the zone thresholds.
  • Increased cart blocker volume size on the scrap yard gate.
  • Scaled/moved one of the tower fog plane blockers where it didn't quite meet the wall.
  • Cleaned up collision in the caves near the swap spheres.
  • Open edge of Hunrath wall was visible near elevator. Moved/added some small rocks to hide it.
  • Fixed river-flow direction in the Hunrath bosque, near the clothesline
  • Fixed translucency issues on mine cart
  • Many art updates and improvements to the stairs in Kaptar
  • Fog in (area redacted) no longer displays overly bright
  • Re-positioned the ‘fallen tree’ backer reward
  • Hid/covered a couple of unsightly light map and clipping issues near the Kaptar stairs swap sphere.
  • Minor tweaks to one of the Arai swarm's light path, as the light was (slightly) visible outside the hive where it shouldn't have been.


  • Updated UI elements to accommodate the requested Keyboard addition
  • Updated Credits
  • Generic fixes for setting resolution issues


  • Fix for being able to "disable" the bomb as it's blowing up
  • Fix for screenshots not using the correct view when engaged with objects like the mine cart.
  • Fix for CW disappearing a little too soon while the door is closing on him
  • Fix for being able to drive the mine cart while pushing a link button.
  • Fix for Kaptar winch ride issue allowing player to move too far from platform
  • Fix for the Kaptar elevator leaving without player
  • Fix for engaging the mine cart after loading a game.
  • Fix for the player falling through the very cold Maray elevator chamber.
  • Fix for the Maray movie panel turning back on if you take a screenshot of it when it's off.


  • Hunrath imagers now load in and out of memory at runtime.
  • Many tweaks to loading zones in Kaptar, Maray, and Hunrath
  • Fixes to pop-ins at Farley's house
  • Fix for a loading issue in Maray that could cause a fall-through
  • Fixes for loading when leaving the Hub on very slow machines
  • Fixes for possible shader related crashes
  • Misc tweaks to try and improve performance on very slow computers


  • Localization fixes for VR terminology in menu – translations have been finalized
  • Fix for weird camera angles in player controller after playing in VR.
  • Added text for mirror mode (M key) to keyboard mapping display (Oculus)


  • Localized text for the "Too many save games" message now displays after menu fix
  • Removed duplicated "EXPLOSION' subtitle line for back side of Farley’s tape
  • All of Farley's vault journals have been finalized and have full localization[1]

References[edit | edit source]