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Update 1.4.1 was an update released for Obduction on 16 November 2016.

Official Notes[edit | edit source]

New Additions

  • VR-only: Smooth Turning for VR is now available as an option in the Controls menu
  • Addition of Texture Memory slider-
We've added a manual adjustment slider that affects the amount of memory that can used for the game's textures. This can improve image quality when raised, and improve performance when lowered. While this options affects all users, this should help Intel HD graphics users who were unable to read puzzle solutions in-game.


  • The auto-save icon now only appears when you are in the menu. It no longer appears in-game when you are walking around. It continues to save the game; it just won't display the save icon while it's doing it (in-game).
  • VR-only: Added 'M' keyboard hotkey to toggle between stereo and mono mirroring modes.


  • Various small fixes and tweaks to art in Kaptar
  • Various small fixes throughout Hunrath


  • Misc sound fixes in Kaptar
  • Raised volume of Imager devices in Hunrath


  • VR-only: Users can no longer unlock doors by sticking their head through the door.
  • Fix for buttons breaking if pressed while taking a photo.
  • Fixes for navigation points with Farley's vault.
  • Fixes for navigation points in Maray.
  • Fixes for navigation points in Kaptar.
  • Fixes for users getting stuck on an elevator in Maray.
  • VR-only: Fix for flicker when changing Resolution Scale.[1]

References[edit | edit source]