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Update 1.3.0 was an update released for Obduction on 31 October 2016.

Official Notes[edit | edit source]

Brand new features!

Oculus Rift VR support:

  • VR playable on Oculus Rift. Support for Oculus Remote and wide range of gamepads. Two movement modes available: Blink (teleport), and Free. Allows for seated and standing play.

nVidia Ansel and HDR Support:

  • Also being added is NVIDIA HDR support and NVIDIA Ansel, which allows players to capture stunning 3D 360 panoramic screenshots in super resolution, customizable with post-process filters and shareable with friends. Details on how to view the screenshots can be found on the NVIDIA GeForce blog.

Razer Chroma support:

We are excited to announce that we have added support for Chroma-enabled products made by Razer into Obduction. If you own a Chroma-enabled mouse, mousepad, keyboard, or headset, you will notice that Obduction now lights up those peripherals according to events in the game. We have added the following Chroma effects to Obduction (minor spoilers ahead):

  • Idling cyan + black breathing effect when in main menu
  • Breathing effect between two prominent colors in the current world
  • Linking effect between worlds (keyboard only)
  • Picture-taking flash effect

(If you have chroma-enabled peripherals and want to turn them off, open the GameUserSettings.ini file and change the value of bIsKeyboardLightingEnabled to "false" and restart the game. Options for this in-game will be coming in a future update.)


  • Millions of fixes and improvements to loading zones. This should help improve loading hitches in all areas.
  • Fixes for license plates at different graphics settings/resolutions
  • Marker signs should now be much easier to read at lower resolutions
  • Eric knocked over a gravestone. That's bad luck Eric.
  • Fix for the grills on the seed machine only being clickable on the top handle portion instead of the whole grill.
  • Lots of little improvements and optimizations to art in Hunrath
  • Improvements and optimizations to art in Kaptar
  • Improvements and optimizations to fog and smoke effects on low quality settings
  • fixes to video playback in Maray
  • Fixes for some doors closing at the wrong time under some conditions in Maray
  • Many fixes for various control panels


  • Fix for Back Button functionality in the menu not working.
  • Better support for gamepad in photo viewer
  • Fix for language changes not saving correctly under certain conditions
  • Fix for "Load" text not fitting in the text area on the load screen for multiple languages.
  • Increased scale of the surrounding box to allow for longer words to be shown.
  • Fix for Delete and Copy dialogs not being localized correctly in Save Game Menu
  • Misc fixes for localization issues
  • Can now traverse through photo albums with keys.
  • A dialog box pops up notifying the user when they are attempting to copy a game but already have 10 save games.

Technical things

  • More nodes, node fixes, etc
  • Auto Detect graphics on Startup.
  • Fix for ViewDistanceQuality settings.
  • Fixes for issues with entering and exiting the mine cart in both free roam and point-n-click
  • Gamepad input adjustments


  • Adjusted volume levels on some levers and doors in Hunrath


References[edit | edit source]