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Seed board.jpg

The seed board is a diagram found in Farley's Community Center. It is a mixture of observation and speculation that explains the purposes and actions of the seeds. While the author is unknown, it matches the tone of Farley's journal and was likely assembled by her.

The seed board hypothesizes that seeds work in the following manner:

  1. A seed pair is formed.
  2. The seeds travel to two separate planets with similar atmospheres.
  3. They swap locations on each planet with each other.
  4. Each seed plants itself and eventually grows into a tree.

The board also follows two lines of questioning:

  • What happens when the trees mature? Do they swap somewhere else? If they swap back home, what year will it be and what condition will it be in?
  • Are there more seed pairs scattered throughout the universe than those encountered by the humans, Mofang, Villein, and Arai? Why are seeds being scattered in the first place?

Finally, the board also includes a smaller diagram depicting the four cells—Hunrath, Soria, Maray, and Kaptar—and shows them connected to Hunrath through the Heart.