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The Labyrinth of Maray or Puzzlisimo

======================[edit | edit source]

Note: S.A. = Clock Time Sense - A.H. = Clock Anti-Clock Sense. (M) = Maray (H) Hunrath, they say where the action should be performed. Main Portal is the Entry you made to open the slit and gain access to Maray's Labyrinth. 3 Portals are in Hunrath, the underground ones on your right, with or without the Machine and a Ramp that goes to the Dome and another that goes to a Blue Chair, where Farley left a Role for you. Both Maray or Hunrath has 3 Portals.

01 - Rotate 1x the Labyrinth A.H. (M)

02 - Get off the elevator and go underground, and go to Hunrath (M)

03 - Turn the Dome 1x Clockwise and open the Gates, both to access the Left Portal to go to the Mofangs World Portal, and on the Right to go to the 3 Portals. (Hint: Do all the First Labyrinth then go to your Left to Fire the Red Tree in Mofang). To do this, just go back to the Third Gate after you have finished: Center, Right and Left, and back where you came to Maray and return to Hunrath or simply go to the Third Main Gate, which is near the Ramp that gives access to the Red Ray you've destroyed! Portal that is right at the entrance where you have the Rotate S.H. or A.H. (H)

04 - Go down the ladder and go to Maray (H)

05 - Turn the Labyrinth 1x A.H. (M)

06 - Hunrath (M)

07 - Rotate the Dome A.H. 1x (H)

08 - Maray (H)

09 - Turn the Labyrinth 3x S.H. (M)

10 - Hunrath (M)

11 - Turn the Dome 1x S.H. (H)

12 - Maray (H)

13 – (Hint: Whenever you do not have to turn the Labyrinth, do as I do: I'll write down the steps I'm taking, put the number on a paper that I'm performing the steps in the elevator myself and go down to the Basement ). (M)

14 - Hunrath (M)

15 - Turn the Dome 1x A.H. (H)

16 - Maray (H)

17 - Rotate the Labyrinth 2x S.H. (M)

18 - Hunrath (M)

19 - Rotate the Dome 1x A.H. (H)

20 - Maray (H) 21 - Do not Turn the Labyrinth (M)

22 - Hunrath (M)

23 - Turn the Dome 2x S.H. (H)

24 - Maray (H)

25 - Turn the Maze 2x S.H. (M)

26 - Hunrath (M)

27 - Turn the Dome 1x S.H. (H)

28 - Maray (H)

29 - Turn the Labyrinth 3x S.H (M)

30 - Press 3x Left Side Button (M)

31 - Rotate the Labyrinth 1x A.H. (M)

32 - Hunrath (M)

33 - Do not Stir at the Base of the Dome Go up the stairs and go to the 3 Portals and press the 3rd Portal (H)

34 - You will stop at the Main Entrance of the 3 Portals, go to the Labyrinth and call the elevator and go up! Arriving you turn 2x S.H. the Labyrinth. (M)

35 - Hunrath (M)

36 - Do the same thing you did in step 33, but this time you will trigger the 1st Portal that is in the Circle and may or may not be with the Machine, but it stays on the ramp giving access not only to the dome you came such as a ramp or dome portal that is isolated! This is where you have to fire. (H)

37 - Rotate the Labyrinth 2X S.H. (M)

38 - Go down the Elevator 1x and go to the Main Entrance, activate the 1st Gate when you leave the Labyrinth, you will see it, you are in the Circle in Maray, it may or may not be with the Machine or Earth. (Hint: the first is what you go through the ramp and you will find 3 portals). (M)

39 - You will leave in Hunrath without stirring in the Base go to Maray (H)

40 - Do not Stir in the Labyrinth (M)

41 - Hunrath (M)

42 - Rotate the Dome 1x S.H. (H)

43 - Maray (H)

44 - Rotate the Labyrinth 2x S.H. (M)

45 - Hunrath (M) 46 - Turn the Dome 2x S.H. (H)

47 - Maray (H)

48 - Turn the Labyrinth 1x S.H. (M)

49 - Hunrath (M)

50 - Rotate the Dome 1x S.H. (H)

51 - Maray (H)

52 - Without Mending the Labyrinth (Descend the elevator to the basement). (M)

53 - Hunrath (M)

54 - Turn the Dome 2x S.H. (H)

55 - Maray (H)

56 - Go up 1x and go down the path and you will leave in a machine and next to you will have a Closed Passage. Enter the Code on the Machine that the Passage will appear, if you want to explore you can do it, go back later on the Path and Climb to the Labyrinth where you are from where you will be able to see that you arrived at your First Destination the Maray Labyrinth Center. (M

57 - Rotate the Labyrinth 1x S.H. (M)

58 - Turn again 1x S.H. or Labyrinth (M) 59 - Hunrath (M)

60 - Turn the Dome 1 Turn on the S.H. (H)

61 - Maray (H)

62 - Do not Stir in the Labyrinth (Go down the elevator to the basement) (M)

63 - Hunrath (M)

64 - Rotate the Dome 2x S.H. (H)

65 - Maray (H)

66 - Rotate the Labyrinth A.H. 1x (M)

67 - Hunrath (M)

68 - Without Stirring in the Dome go to the 3 Portals and Activate the 1st Portal in the Circle, Remembering that you may or may not be with the Machine. (Hint: As soon as you walk out the door and go through the ramp it will be the one you will fire) (H)

69 - You will exit in the Entrance and return to the Labyrinth, call the elevator and go up, but do not touch the Labyrinth, Go down to the Basement (M)

70 - Hunrath (M)

71 - Turn the Dome 1x S.H. (H)

72 - Maray (H)

The latest moves are performed in Maray Same.

73 - Climb up to Maray's Labyrinth, you will see that it is pointing to the Left side, but you should do the following before going this route.

74 - Turn the Labyrinth 3x S.H and go down 1x and go to the path of the Right and Deactivate the 2nd Pass now and return to the path and climb to the top.

75 - Turn now 3x AH and go down 1x and go to the left path and first follow a path that has side of the ramp up and activate with the code the ramp to main entrance and go back, go down the ramp and listen to the Mayor and press the button, it is not necessary 2x, just once and you will see the capsule 11-9 go up and get it and good Trip. (Tip just go towards the capsule that you will automatically go to the Matrix ship).

For any machine that has to unlock something, simply connect the dots and push the button that will disable the passages or if you want to delete all, which will give the same sense. You will find 4 of these Machines.