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IMayor's speeches

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iMayor's speeches are given to the player by iMayor on the video screens throughout Maray. The player encounters a new speech each time they approach a video screen until they have listened to them all, after which they only encounter static.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

This transcript is taken directly from Obduction's subtitle files.

Introduction[edit | edit source]



This be unexpected.

Good good...

but happy.



Very good time to be come here now.

I am not know who you are but...

I could use help.


I am...



can move.

[sharp blasts]

These beasts, called Villeins, they are...

much danger.

Just look...


They live...

below water.

And they are keeping--

storing us!

For food!

You will see, as you go.


I cannot be here.

Find a way to me.


I can...

figure this out.

Follow-up #1[edit | edit source]


Are you waiting for some purpose?

I'd prefer you hurry!

Follow-up #2[edit | edit source]



desperate situation up here.

If you could, please!


I appreciate!

Follow-up #3[edit | edit source]

I fear for safety!

You are not...

You are making very bad decisions!

Follow-up #4[edit | edit source]



Do you see the problem is?

The beast is trying to kill me!

[sharp blasts]

I have weapon, but beast has trap.

Follow-up #5[edit | edit source]

[exasperated breathing]