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The guestbook is a document in Obduction that is found in Farley's Community Center. New Arrivers to Hunrath were asked to enter some information about their abduction. It was in use starting sometime before 12,000 AH, and its contents were emptied and filed multiple times.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Hunrath. Please give us a bit of information about you, so we can get to know you a little better.


Date you came from (please use 4 digit year):

Where you came from (country and city):

Circumstance under which you were taken (please note any dangers you noticed):

Emptied & Filed:
12,000 AH
13,000 AH
15,000 AH

Samuel Caron
January 2017
Manakara, Madagascar
I had just arrived and was driving my supply truck along the coast, south of Manakara, when I recall being washed away and the seed appeared.
15,257 AH (Male - 61)

Uzziel Regenbogen
1942 - March
Lübeck, Germany
The last thing I recall is a large rumbling while I was hiding in the cellar of a vacant building. I ran toward a bright light in a stairwell.
15,841 AH (male -26)

Maria Gallego
Cozemel, Mexico
On my boat and bad storm
16,023 AH (female - 46)

Jaing Qiuyu
March of 2042
Portland, United States of America
skiing, mt hood
16,717 AH (Male- 37)