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There are several Easter eggs in Obduction, and they are divided into two categories: (1) traditional Easter eggs, which are objects in the game that reference past Cyan projects, and (2) Easter egg codes, which can be used to view images on the slide projector in Farley's Community Center. Several of the latter were placed in the game for Kickstarter Backers in the "Egg-sibitionist" tier.

Traditional Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

Easter Egg Codes[edit | edit source]

NOTE: There is a bug in the most recent version of Obduction (1.5.2) that prevents it from accepting Easter egg codes. These codes will not work until the issue is resolved.

To use these codes, you must first break the Box of Infinite Complexity. Enter the Box of Infinite Complexity code into it while it is up in the air, and it will fall to the ground. Then enter the code 0118-9998-8199-9119-7253. (This is a reference to a comical commercial featured on The IT Crowd, a British sitcom.)[1] If it is entered correctly, the lights on the box will begin to blink randomly. Then you may enter any one of the following codes, which, if entered correctly, will cause the lights on the box to turn green for a moment. You may view the image associated with each code by visiting the slide projector in Farley's Community Center. Doing this for the first time will grant the Eggcellent! achievement.

(It is recommended that you switch to point-and-click movement to minimize errors whenever interacting with the Russian light box.)

Image Code Backer Description
EE01.png 9496-3302-3839-5258-6419 Unknown A dog.
EE02.png 8911-8429-6171-2792-8948 Unknown A drawing of a world supported by one giant tree trunk. The word "T'TREANA" appears at the top.
EE03.png 2079-6280-5977-9148-3927 Ainia A stylized screenshot from Uru showing a hiker with the words "HIKE THE CANYONS OF TOMAHNA" at the top. Ainia created several potential images and asked for input in this post.
EE04.png 6208-5360-6792-9848-4072 Jeremy Sachs
a.k.a. "rezmason"
a.k.a. "Scrybe"
An open file dialogue box from System 7 (Mac OS 7) that lists several adventure games from the early 1990s: 3 in Three, At the Carnival, Castle of Dr. Brain, Cosmic Osmo, Spelunx, System's Twilight, and The Fool's Errand. Also listed is Hypercard, the software used to make Myst.
EE05.png 1090-3640-4109-7776-8000 Unknown A man smiling jokingly.
EE06.png 4247-3318-7154-8125-0036 Unknown A cat lying on a tie dye bean bag.
EE07.png 8767-7157-6414-8717-4867 Unknown White flowers.
EE08.png 9732-2106-3214-2076-1459 Scott Benton A collection of Myst-related games and merchandise. Originally posted online here.
EE09.png 3124-6700-1451-9422-4615 Unknown A happy man on a tractor.
EE10.png 6510-0045-4454-5746-6787 Unknown Three small children playing with wood chips.
EE11.png 3277-3205-7757-7992-3923 Unknown A man and a woman posing for a photo while it is snowing.
EE12.png 2154-5483-2862-3548-3289 Unknown A man and a woman outside.
EE13.png 1545-6788-7963-2426-5526 K'febi A collection of photos by K'febi.
EE14.png 4884-2383-4238-9892-3563 Unknown A comparison shot between the a mushroom and the Hive in Tay from Riven.
EE15.png 0020-0546-5021-5510-3247 Unknown A couple taking a photo in a bedroom.
EE16.png 8387-6904-0234-7427-8393 Unknown A stylistic drawing of different birds, including chickens and a peacock.
EE17.png 2132-4166-4544-6568-6551 Unknown Two Azawakh, a dog breed from West Africa.
EE18.png 5454-6987-9819-8187-9666 Unknown A tree with a man in the background.
EE19.png 8489-2365-3453-7820-1910 Unknown A cat sitting next to pumpkins and walnuts.
EE20.png 0020-3893-8940-4839-0028 Unknown A family photo.
EE21.png 2210-2154-4862-1011-5444 Chuckles58 A beach on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii in 2010.
EE22.png 2900-9384-7489-2038-7456 Unknown A man and a woman holding hands while walking down a dirt road.
EE23.png 0125-2157-4565-8541-2211 Unknown A dedication to a dog named Snowball.
EE24.png 8797-2348-2363-2823-8649 Unknown A man playing tennis.
EE25.png 2146-6547-9805-3445-4441 Unknown A collage of photos including a man, two small girls, two cats, and a dog.
EE26.png 7857-8945-7895-7845-1457 Unknown Obduction art director Erc A. Anderson and a woman staring creepily into the camera while a boy in the background goes down a slide.
EE27.png 8437-6475-7808-2154-2542 Unknown Two dogs. (One is yawning.)
EE28.png 0145-8547-9625-4132-0475 Unknown A still shot from an old video of a boy.
EE29.png 3472-9207-6458-3902-0234 Unknown Several Cyan employees standing outside Cyan headquarters in Mead, Washington.
[[File:|200px]] 5454-8751-1345-4354-3543 Unknown Richard (RAWA) and Angela Watson with their family at Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
[[File:|200px]] 7322-3923-5021-5488-4681 Unknown A road sign that says "EXHIBIT AHEAD".
[[File:|200px]] 0132-4679-8240-4245-4008 Unknown A straight road surrounded by snowy hills. A cartoon rhino head is superimposed on the road.
[[File:|200px]] 0424-5457-8791-0544-4589 Unknown A girl and a boy in a car.
[[File:|200px]] 4367-5745-7445-6257-8587 Unknown A girl with a Bratz doll.
[[File:|200px]] 7600-5004-0050-6062-6003 Unknown A home office with a computer displaying a 3D modeling program.
[[File:|200px]] 4455-4548-4511-0440-2443 Unknown A boy and a girl in a car shopping cart.
[[File:|200px]] 0021-2154-1554-4551-1424 Unknown Five women posing down an outside staircase.
[[File:|200px]] 0554-5754-3283-0572-3902 Unknown Rand Miller and a woman in a ski lift.
[[File:|200px]] 0465-1842-8973-1240-4516 Unknown Three boys and a girl on a couch.
[[File:|200px]] 4124-6654-4227-0104-0404 Unknown A small child on a dog.
[[File:|200px]] 5457-4574-5449-4978-2146 Blake Bjerke A shot from Blake Bjerke's portfolio, which he used to get hired at Cyan. Photo posted online here.
[[File:|200px]] 4465-1424-0224-1621-4145 Unknown Ryan Warzecha's head in a campfire from the Forest.
[[File:|200px]] 4545-6140-7079-7977-6647 Unknown Two papier-mâché sculptures: a Seed and an Arai beetle, both from Obduction.
[[File:|200px]] 1542-4219-9824-2440-0451 Unknown A cat.
[[File:|200px]] 9878-4763-4896-3629-2992 Unknown A man and a woman.
[[File:|200px]] 0214-5467-8794-5720-5467 Unknown A girl on a rope swing over water.
[[File:|200px]] 0548-1851-1148-4139-8347 Unknown An older man sitting and holding a cat.
[[File:|200px]] 0124-0457-0454-5757-4444 Unknown A woman and a young boy.
[[File:|200px]] 8347-9348-3458-7348-9344 Unknown Ryan Warzecha with a man, two women, and a young boy.
[[File:|200px]] 0000-0000-0000-0000-1017 Unknown The phrase "Thank You Backers".
[[File:|200px]] 8169-2257-6125-9651-3996 Unknown Cyan employee Josh Van Veldhuizen on the cover of a fictional record: "cyan burger club GRILL SESSIONS".
[[File:|200px]] 4647-1464-9707-4589-9589 Unknown Two men on a beach.
[[File:|200px]] 0305-9912-1536-9415-2926 Unknown A paper craft with the words "I LOVE YOU MOM."
[[File:|200px]] 6001-1617-1179-8210-4067 Unknown A girl kissing Cyan employee Hannah Gamiel.
[[File:|200px]] 4624-4204-0282-4563-6138 Unknown Rand Miller, Hannah Gamiel, 4 other women, and 1 other man.
[[File:|200px]] 4729-7039-0462-8528-9665 Unknown A man.
[[File:|200px]] 5230-7083-3128-5533-3931 Unknown A man in a hospital bed wearing a silly hat.
[[File:|200px]] 2360-8245-1122-9917-7601 Unknown A man and woman walking down the aisle during their wedding.
[[File:|200px]] 7911-3886-9641-6740-6703 Unknown A woman and 3 men wearing silly clothes.
[[File:|200px]] 3916-6488-7116-4185-1871 Unknown An "I WANT TO BELEIVE" poster likes those from the X-Files.
[[File:|200px]] 9854-0222-2843-6225-4836 Unknown A black-and-white portrait of a newborn baby taken on 26 January 2014.
[[File:|200px]] 7718-9501-2499-9830-7770 Unknown A man and a woman with two small children.

References[edit | edit source]