Crankshaft Cavern puzzle

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When you arrive in Kaptar, you will see the red ray crossing the sky! It has two stairs one that goes up and another one that descends to the bottom of the castle, but it can not because of a giant anchor, first it will have to destroy the ray later, it will be able to remove the ight. Good! Go up the stairs and go to where you have a suspended ladder enter below where it is complex box, first thing go from the center side where it has a circle and walk down the bridge, go down the stairs, the crankshaft will not be active unless you go down the stairs again you will find a crank and a lock upstairs: 1) Slide the latch all the way to your left (Arm), and you will see that it will lower what was blocking the crankshaft; 2) Turn the crank until the propellers rotate, after seeing them spinning, go up. 3) Turn the crank once and they will start working. go back out and go up and make the ligament, pointing the mouse to each of the pistons, pulling forward and they fit. are 4 pistons: Upper: Left and Right and the Lower Left and Right. Remember that when in the tree, you should go back and deactivate the same way you did the Lower Left Piston (Only it) to enter the Kaptar tree and then go back and activate it.