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The Community Center Kiosk Recording can be played at the kiosk in front of Farley's Community Center. It was recorded by C.W. and features Farley. It was meant to be viewed if Farley was unable to greet New Arrivers, but (as she alluded at the end of her audio journal) she recorded over much of that original message with a warning about the Mofang War.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


Hi. Um...

I'm Farley.

I guess if you're seeing this then I wasn't able-


...just in case...

Welcome, but it's really not safe...


To be blunt, we're getting ready for a battle.

I don't know what you'll find.

I just thought I should...


be cautious with who you trust.

C.W. may be here.

I don't know.

Just be careful.

I've got to go.


...see you soon.


don't panic.

As jarring as this experience is,

you really will find Hunrath to be a decent place.