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The Community Center puzzle is a puzzle in Obduction. It may only be completed after the power generator puzzle has been solved, and completing it is necessary to solve the Tower entry puzzle. It makes movement across the Wall quicker and consists of three main parts.

C.W.'s Workshop[edit | edit source]

Vault note.jpg

First, enter C.W.'s workshop and head upstairs. There is a note from Mayor Janssen on the table with the camcorder. It mentions securing a vault with a code that is Farley's address number backwards.

Farley's Front Yard[edit | edit source]

Farley's Front Yard.png

Head to the front of the Farley's Community Center. Her address number (1436) is visible in two locations: on the mailbox post and on a porch post.

Community Center Back Entrance[edit | edit source]

Community Center Back Entrance.png

Go to the back entrance of the Community Center. To get there, you will need to pass across the swing bridge that you used to get to the power generator puzzle. Go to the Trainyard and pass through it, exiting through the building and continuing onward. The back entrance is on your right side. Enter Farley's address number backwards (6341) into the keypad, and the door will unlock. Click on the door to open it. (To make movement across the Wall quicker, head to the front of the house, unlock the door, and click it to open it.)