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The Cemetery is a location in Hunrath near Farley's Community Center. It was used by the inhabitants of Hartnell for many years before the town was swapped to Soria. After the swap, the graves were reused multiple times, and boards were placed on the existing gravestones to identify the most recent additions.

Gravestones[edit | edit source]

Name Birthdate Date of Death Epitaph
John Hartnell, Sr. 1802 1881 Beloved Husband,
Father, Grandfather,
Leader, Friend
Mary Hartnell 1815 1884 "Mama Mary"
Loved by All
Daniel Hartnell 1842 1893
Karl Hunrath
John Farley
Robert Hartnell
Luther Roscoe
Ida Hartnell 1833 1892
Henry Hartnell 1840 1895
Benjamin Sims
Margaret Hartnell
Anna Jackson

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Until version 1.3.3, there were two identical gravestones in the Cemetery for Daniel Hartnell. One of the gravestones was updated to be knocked over.