C.W.'s secondary tree speeches

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C.W.'s secondary tree speeches are given to the player by C.W. through the window of his vault after connecting at least one tree but not all four. Each time the player rings for C.W. before connecting all the trees, he gives a follow-up speech. Once they have all been heard, C.W. no longer answers the doorbell.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

This transcript is taken directly from Obduction's subtitle files.

Main Speech[edit | edit source]

Makin' progress!

Makin' progress.

It's nice not havin' to do all this myself.

You can just keep connectin' all the Trees, all the roots.

I gotta finish the plates 'round the Tree.

I'll get 'em connected to my battery.

If you ain't already done so, I need that battery cable plugged in.

Remember, everything connected.

Follow-up #1[edit | edit source]

Pardon me, but you got Trees in other worlds, roots to connect.

And connect that cable on the side of the battery, if you ain't yet.

Go on, now.

Follow-up #2[edit | edit source]

Son of a gun, this jawin' ain't gettin' the job done!

You gotta keep connectin' the roots in all the worlds.