C.W.'s initial tree speeches

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C.W.'s initial tree speeches are given to the player by C.W. through the window of his vault after the red beam has been disabled but before any trees have been connected. Each time the player rings for C.W. before connecting any trees, he gives a follow-up speech. Once they have all been heard, C.W. no longer answers the doorbell.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

This transcript is taken directly from Obduction's subtitle files.

Main Speech[edit | edit source]

Karffin'... Ouch!

Son of a...

Hold on.

I don't get around easily.

I greatly, greatly appreciate your help, but...

This will be complicated, especially for a new arriver like yourself.

All right...

That Tree, that really big, strange one in the middle

Well, uh...


It's a central piece.

It's connected to everything.

The cell wall, the dome, them seeds, the root beneath it...

all of it.

It's, it's one and the same, one connected...


[ chuckles ]

Sounds like a load of Buddhist malarkey.

Farley would bust hearin' me spout this.

Yeah, I really don't get it.

Regardless of what it sounds like we need all of it to be, well, healthy.

All of it.

Shoot, I'll spell it out for ya.

You gotta get down below the Tree, to the Heart, and connect it all back up.

Oh, yeah.

There's a cable up next to my big battery out there.

If you haven't already, can ya plug it in for me?

It's one less thing for me.

It's not the best time to be explainin' this stuff.

Now, where the Jesse was I?

Follow-up #1[edit | edit source]

You ain't got the horse sense to get all the Trees and roots connected?

And my battery?

I might as well go boil my shirt.

Follow-up #2[edit | edit source]

All right, understand this.

I can't do this part without you.

So if you want to get home, then you get them Tree roots connected.

[ sighs ]