C.W.'s Bleeder speeches

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C.W.'s Bleeder speeches are given to the player by C.W. through the window of his vault after all four trees have been connected but before the Bleeder has been destroyed. Each time the player rings for C.W. before destroying the Bleeder, he gives a follow-up speech. Once they have all been heard, C.W. no longer answers the doorbell. The last two lines of the first speech are not spoken if the player connected the battery cable.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

This transcript is taken directly from Obduction's subtitle files.

Main Speech[edit | edit source]

We're ready!

Just one thing left. It's called the bleeder.

Gotta stop it. It's drainin' the whole system.

It keeps things under control, holdin' us back.

[ sighs ]

Connections, Trees, panels, battery, power levels...

You trash that bleeder. If everything's connected, we'll be... we'll be headed home.

Oh, I connected the blame battery cable myself.

Important piece you never got to.

Follow-up #1[edit | edit source]

I don't wish to get wrathy and flustered, but we need to cut off that bleeder tower.

Follow-up #2[edit | edit source]

Well ain't that just an extra helpin' of pig swill?

I'm dealin' with a damn moron!

Blow up the blamed bleeder, will ya?