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Arai "Larval" Notes is a document in Obduction. It was written by Farley and is found on a table in her vault. It describes how the light emitted by Arai larval pods changes dependent on the chemical makeup of the surfaces they are attached to.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Arai "Larval" Notes - By C.F.

- Takes about 3 to 5 days for a single Arai larvae to change colors after being moved to a new surface. - Pulsing stops immediately upon removal from Kaptar. (induced by "Polyarchs".) - "Cloning" has been extremely easy - like "potatoes", easy


plant fiber - Yellow
bone - light Yellow
Arai encrustment - Green


Gold - Pink
Copper - Red/Orange
Titanium - Orange
Silver - Red
Aluminum - Red/Orange


Mofang Tech - Magenta
Villein Extrusions - near White


"Granite" (Kaptar) - Teal Blue
Sandstone (Hunrath) - Light Blue
Soarstone (Mofang) - Deep Purple
"Shale" (Maray) - Very Light Blue
+ Polyarch pods - always Purple

To do: I'm curious about the effect of combining various base surface? Still a bit odd "experimenting" with the lifeforms. The light they emit is handy given our limited supply of diesel fuel.