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To Do[edit source]

Hey guys, here's a list of everything we have to do. I got several suggestions from a friend and I discussed some of these in the Gamepedia Slack chat for active members of this wiki. Check it out here: I'll mark in bold what should be prioritized. Here we go.

  • This includes adding step-by-step pictures to the rest of the walkthrough, a significant effort. We should finish and clean up the walkthrough before this.
  • Cleaning up the walkthrough should also be a priority- Fixing incorrect/inaccurate terms, adding links, rewriting the whole thing to be more clear, more specific, and easier to walk through.
  • REFERENCES! References help to make sure we have accurate information and help us keep track of where information comes from.
  • EXPAND ALL ARTICLES. A lot of them are short. Check Category:Stubs.
  • We can use the Obduction Exploration Guide to help us with this, and the documents. Do not just copy/paste! Rewrite it in better and more organized wording to fit the article. Paraphrase.
  • We should extrapolate as much as we can, but have definite statements. Don't put down false information just to make a longer page.
  • All Backer reward items have been put on the wiki, but there is still work to be done to find the specific backer for each item and the pictures that they used to make the model.
  • Put a picture in every article that has a picture that is representative of that article. Template:Upload
  • Also reupload any pictures that are bad quality or are not at the max graphics settings. Avoid using steam for screenshots, instead use the in-game photos to remove the cursor.
  • Finish creating all pages. There are still some locations left (in all the worlds- not just Hunrath). See below for a list.
  • Make more categories if possible
  • In existing and new categories: Include some info in the category page itself about what the category contains.
  • Make the pages prettier-
  • This includes adding more infobox templates like the Template:CharacterBox, hopefully for every page that can use one. Infoboxes are for documenting specific things, used mostly in profiles.
  • Also, add more sections to make the pages more organized. For instance, in the case of many images for one page, choose one main image for the top right and have a gallery section with a gallery at the bottom. Trivia sections would also be great for less important information.
  • For headings, keep in mind: Headers in a wiki are intended as boundaries for that section of the article. An overly inclusive title deceives the reader into thinking there's more than there is, an overly precise one leads them to believe that certain information isn't there before even looking at the body
  • We need to stop just copy/pasting document quotes onto other pages. We should be paraphrasing and extrapolating details, and improving the wording.
  • Make sure everything is useful. If not, we can delete it.
  • Try to advert the wiki! theFloydMan has posted on other forums and a post is pinned to the top of the subreddit, but those may not be seen.

Pages that need to be created or edited[edit source]

  • Bugs- single page for known and fixed bugs? Maybe have a section for bugs in location pages?
  • Very low priority- try to fix all links to eliminate redirects. Doesn't matter much, but I want to do it anyway.
  • Having no double redirects is more important- eliminate those if there are none.

Thanks a lot guys. This'll get added on and some things will be taken off as they are done. -Grendal27 (talk)

Style Guide[edit source]

Obduction introduces several new words and concepts, and its characters don't always agree on how to write about them. This section serves to keep this wiki consistent from one article to the next.

  • The word "Obduction" should always be italicized when referring to the title of the game.
    • Obduction - ''Obduction''
  • When linking the word "Obduction", the link should be directed to the Obduction page, not just the wiki's main page. ("Obduction" should still be italicized when linking.)
  • The name of the Villein homeworld and cell is "Maray".
  • "Mofang", "Villein", and "Arai" are both the singular and plural forms of the names of the alien species. For example, "There was one Arai, but there were a lot of Mofang." Again, Obduction characters are inconsistent about this, but this wiki needs to be consistent.
  • "Mofang", "Villein", and "Arai" are also adjectives. For example, "Mofang technology".
  • Page titles should be in sentence case. This means that you should capitalize the article title as if it were a sentence without an ending period. Only the first word and proper nouns/adjectives should start with a capital letter.
  • Except for very short quotes, articles should paraphrase source material, not copy it. If context is needed, refer the reader to the source material instead. This should be easy, considering that the wiki has transcripts of all of Obduction's documents and speeches. (See Category:Documents and Category:Speeches.)
  • References made using <ref></ref> automatically appear at the bottom of the article. Add "== References ==" (without quotes) to the bottom of the article so that they appear nicely in a section. This should not be done if there are no references because you will just be creating an empty section.
  • Add an infobox when appropriate. This wiki uses one multipurpose infobox (currently Template:CharacterBox) whenever an infobox is needed. Any fields left blank will not show up.
  • Proofread before you finish creating/editing a page. This will save a lot of time down the road. This short guide is very useful.
  • The Runescape Wiki and No Man's Sky Wiki are great examples of what we can achieve visually and textually. Let them inspire you in your work here.

-TheFloydman (talk)