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There are several Easter eggs in Obduction, most of which reference Cyan's past projects. Several were placed in the game for Kickstarter Backers in the "Egg-sibitionist" tier.

General Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

Easter Egg Codes[edit | edit source]

To use these codes, you must first break the Box of Infinite Complexity. Enter the Box of Infinite Complexity code into it while it is in the air, and it will fall to the ground. Then, enter the code 0118-9998-8199-9119-7253. (This is a reference to a comical commercial featured on The IT Crowd, a British sitcom.)[1] If it is entered correctly, the lights on the box will begin to blink randomly. Then you may enter any one of the following codes, which, if entered correctly, will cause the lights on the box to turn green for a moment. You may view the image associated with each code by visiting the slide projector in Farley's Community Center. Doing this for the first time will grant the Eggcellent! achievement.

(It is recommended that you switch to point-and-click movement to minimize errors whenever interacting with the Russian light box.)

Image Code Backer Description
EasterEgg34729207645839020234.png 3472-9207-6458-3902-0234 Unknown Several Cyan employees standing outside Cyan headquarters in Mead, Washington.

References[edit | edit source]

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